Do not Make These 7 Things When You Caesar ! Pregnancy after birth is one of the most important periods to restore women’s health. Some are waiting for 44 days, some are waiting for 100 days. It all depends on the suitability of your situation, your health, and your culture.

3 Things You Should Not Make in Postnatal Care For C Section!

  1. Active – Avoid doing any difficult housework, stepping up stairs, or lifting heavier items from your baby. Additionally, normal movements such as turn and twist may cause pain and need to be done with caution.
  2. Cough – Keep nutrition and keep any type of oily or spicy foods as well as drinks such as cold water in many quantities as it can cause cough. It’s all right! If you want to get out loud, laugh or cough, place a pillow across the abdomen and press slowly to ‘hold’ the abdomen. After 1 week, you can also use a binder or binder from cotton that can support your stomach and posture.
  3. Mistake in Hot Water – Avoid hot tubs or pools over time lapse. However, you are encouraged to take a shower so that the body feels comfortable and clean. Be careful that surgical cuts are not too wet and wiped dry after bathing. Always notice injuries so that any type of infection can be prevented or detected at an early stage.

In the abdominal cure, you are not guilty of taking a painkiller. Get advice from doctors and nurses to help you.

Additionally, there are some noteworthy warning signs such as persistent fever, excessive bleeding from the vagina, abscess or redness, open or perforated stitches, swelling, or unusual pain.

Do not miss it if you find these signs in yourself. Take care of your own health!

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