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3 Tips in Postnatal Care For Cesarean Section

Do not Make These 7 Things When You Caesar ! Pregnancy after birth is one of the most important periods to restore women’s health. Some are waiting for 44 days, some are waiting for 100 days. It all depends on the suitability of your situation, your health, and your culture. 3 Things You Should Not […]

Postnatal Care Malaysia at Tung Ku Wellness

We are the top postnatal care therapist in Malaysia and always concern on providing the best postnatal service for our customers. At Tung Ku Wellness, we bring in the standard operation procedure (SOP) which we innovate it to suite with Malaysia culture. Your baby are taking care by our professional therapist. Our therapist monitoring baby […]

5 Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your One Month Old Baby

Are you a first-time mom of a one-month-old angel? Are you confused about her development and safety and are you looking for some information on the same? If you nodded along, you might want to read our post. Here, we talk about some 1 month baby care tips that may help you in caring your […]

Learn How to Care Your 1 Month Old Baby.

Welcoming your baby into your family has probably changed your life. Each day is passing in a blur and it will be a challenge to find time to do anything other than attend to your baby’s needs. At 1 month old, babies still want to feed frequently and are unpredictable with their sleeping patterns. Many […]

5 Great Tips for Moms with Newborn Babies

Here are our tops tips for moms with newborn babies, from the mouth of real moms! 1. Don’t Hush-A-Bye-Baby You don’t have to be quiet while the baby is sleeping. The womb is loud, and newborns are used to the noise. When ours first came home, we watched television and I would vacuum, wash dishes […]